Selected Projects

Our shop in winter

Primed linen stretchers drying at our shop

Chris after completing the Lopez Museum project in Manila, Philippines, in 2001. This Carlos Francisco painting is approximately 12′ x 24′.

Chris stretching a Katz painting at Colby College Museum

Joe at Colby College Museum for the Katz project

Aspen logs to be sawn at our facility to make stretchers with

Chris dusting off a newly stretched Bo Bartlett painting in Washington DC

Chris in New York City at Deitch Gallery on a Jonathan Borofsky project

Joe putting finishing touches on a fresh priming job

Chris with just stretched custom linen at an artist’s studio on an island off the coast of Maine

Joe tapping trees to make maple syrup in his new sugarbush

Joe inspecting newly primed linen

Chris after stretching a Bo Bartlett painting

Prepping a large stretcher at our shop for the new Bo Bartlett Center in Columbus, Georgia

Getting things ready at the new Bo Bartlett Center in Columbus, Georgia

Chris with a newly stretched TC Cannon painting at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts

Joe working on the boat we built with aspen strips

The boat with fresh coat of epoxy

The newly finished boat

The boat in action

Please contact us to inquire about pricing details to build this boat